Sporting Achievements

Presenting the school in sport

Whilst it is great that the school involves as many children as it can in all these activities it is important that parents understand that we cannot involve all pupils and there will some who will be disappointed.

Those children who have been selected to represent the school will be expected to show the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship expected from children from St Thomas More School. Should children's efforts in class and general behaviour around school fall below expected standards they will be no longer considered to represent the school.

It is a great honour to represent your school and one that pupils should take very seriously as they are ambassadors for all the children at school.


  • Middleton Cross Country Winners
  • Football Southern League Champions
  • High 5 Y6 Netball Winners


  • Middleton 5-a-side Champions 
  • Middleton Swimming Champions
  • Middleton Cross Country Winners
  • Football Middleton Southern League Champions 


  • Cross Country Middleton Champions
  • Football Y6 Middleton Southern League Champions
  • Football Y6 Middleton Premier League Champions
  • Football Y6 Clayton Cup Winners
  • Football Y6 Indoor 5-A-Side Champions
  • Football Y6 Middleton 7-A-Side Champions
  • Football Y4 Middleton 7-A-Side Champions 
  • Football Y4 Rochdale 7-A-Side Champions
  • Netball Y6 Middleton League Runners Up
  • Netball Y6 Middleton Rally Runners Up 
  • Swimming Y6 Middleton Champions
  • Swimming Y5 Rochdale Champions
  • Swimming Y6 Rochdale Champions


  • Cross Country Middleton Champions
  • Football Southern League Champions
  • Football Clayton Cup Winners
  • Swimming  Rochdale Y5 Champions
  • Swimming Rochdale Y6 Champions
  • Swimming Middleton Champions Y6


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