The Governing body is ultimately responsible for the effective running of the school and has ultimate accountability for the performance of the school. Day to day management and strategic direction is delegated to the Head teacher and the management team.

Occasionally, a parent may have cause to complain about an aspect of school life. This policy sets out the complaints procedure which should be followed.

Informal resolution:- In most cases a conversation with your child’s teacher will resolve most concerns. This should be encouraged as it is a quicker and more effective way of resolving complaints.

Formal resolution:- If you are not satisfied with the response from informal conversations and wish to pursue matters then you must put in writing your complaint and address it to the Head Teacher.

They will respond within 7 school working days and notify you how they intend to deal with your complaint.

In most cases, complaints will be dealt with in the following way

Stage 1 Complaints about members of staff will be responded to by the appropriate line manager. Complaints about school policy will be responded to by the subject leader or member of the management team. Complaints about pupils will be responded to by the key stage managers after talking to the appropriate teachers. Complaints about the senior management team will be dealt with by the Chair and / or Deputy Chair of Governors Stage 2 If you wish to challenge a decision made on a complaint then the escalation process is to put your challenge in writing and address it to the Chair of Governors.  They will respond within 7 working days and they will decide how and who should investigate your challenge. In most cases it will be referred to the Head teacher or Deputy Head Teacher where they have not been involved in an earlier process. In cases involving the senior management team it will be referred to a committee of the Governing body to investigate.

In any complaints against the school there is no right of redress to the local authority or the Diocese. The decision of the school having followed our procedures is final. This is separate to any legal redress an individual may seek.

This Complaints procedure was agreed at the Full Governors Meeting on 17th October 2012

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